The Elephant and the Tree Award Winning Animation

The award winning animation based on the first Japanese edition of The Elephant and the Tree 象と木の物語.

Why and How The Elephant and the Tree

Author and Illustrator Jin Pyn Lee sharing why and how she came up with The Elephant and the Tree. Learn more about elephants here.

Play a game and buy bananas for elephants here.

Short Film on Elephants by Jin Pyn Lee

Jin Pyn Lee's short film shot in Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa, on the set of Animal Planet television series, Unearthed.

Asian Elephants in the Wild

Footage of Asian elephants shot by Jin Pyn Lee in Sri Lanka and Borneo. You don't have to go to Africa for open top jeep safari experiences! Visiting national parks means enjoying the wildlife in their natural homes, whilst helping to protect the animals and trees too!
In mobile view, click on the three dots on top right of video to visit the channel. Read descriptions in each video for more elephant facts.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has stalled tourism in Thailand, including elephant based tourism. With no jobs, the elephants are returning to villages. Here they have a new chance, a fresh start, to be just elephants. This is their journey.


Through your viewership and sponsorship, the owners will be able to keep the elephants in villages where the elephants can just be elephants.  

Live Cam in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, USA.